You already envision how to enhance a public space. Now you need collaborators to help make it real. 

That’s where we come in


As an expert in public spaces, Init supports you in creating functional, lively, and inclusive environments.

We act as strategic partners, providing assessments and a methodology to seamlessly integrate technological design, culture, commerce, and art into everyday urban life.

Join us. We’ll take you far beyond what you thought was possible.


Every space deserves to be an exceptional environment. Leveraging our expertise in public space design, we integrate advanced technologies, plan innovative infrastructures, and implement sustainable solutions. Our goal is to optimize customers’ experience to create a memorable and enriching collective experience.


Fostering creativity, enriching spaces. Init facilitates partnerships between planners, designers, and artists to transform public spaces into aesthetic and functional works of art. With our expertise in urban scenography and project management, we ensure every artistic collaboration results in a successful blend of creativity and innovation.


Every installation is a unique masterpiece. We bring creative visions to life, enriching public spaces with captivating and sustainable urban installations. Blending creative talent, aesthetics, and functionality, we craft iconic landmarks in the urban landscape. Shaping public spaces, creating vibrant hubs for connection.


Our mission is to guide partners through practical, logistical, and spatial considerations, ensuring public spaces are primed for a variety of collective activities with innovative, functional designs.
Transform your public spaces into must-see destinations!


Challenge us. Together, we’ll propel your projects to new heights while staying firmly grounded in our commitment to uphold the highest quality standards.


At Init, we master best practices to craft vibrant, appealing, and functional spaces for all stakeholders. What’s the Init way? It’s all about bringing together specialists with diverse skills who pool their expertise, experience, and innovative ingenuity.


We are as creative as we are rigorous. There’s no guesswork at Init, only the quest for perfection. Our integrated technologies guarantee continuous monitoring and on-time delivery. Partnering with Init means optimizing your projects from concept to reality.


Every collaboration follows a rigorous process marked by listening carefully to users’ needs and producing management tools that simplify life for managers and promoters.
Simple and effective, from start to finish.
1 Evaluate
2 Plan
3 Design
4 Execute
5 Implement
Evaluate Plan Design Execute Implement
”Init elevated my idea to the next level.”

I remember that first meeting with Benoit Lemieux, who introduced me to his company and invited me to collaborate with him. Generally, creation is solitary work, but paradoxically, I do it partly to meet people, and this encounter with Init was a wonderful experience. I hope that people who spin these giant hourglasses will enjoy it as much as we enjoyed developing LAPS.

Olivier Landreville

Scenographer and creator of LAPS, Horizon and e/motion

”Init really understand our mission of utilizing play within everyday spaces to create more inclusive and equitable spaces and places.”

Optik has been a concept we have wanted to see conceived for a while and this was the perfect partnership with Init to help make this happen. Working with Init has given us a great way of showcasing the value of implementing open-ended play as a critical component within the development of our urban fabric.

Ryan Swanson

Creative Director, The Urban Conga, Creator of Optik

”It’s a true pleasure to work with Init.”

The projects are not only entertaining but also stimulating. Meeting the artists’ demands gives us technical challenges and helps us constantly push our limits. The Init team is truly fantastic, adding a pleasant human dimension to our work. Projects like Laps, Optik, Horizon, and e/motion are successful examples of fruitful and lasting collaboration.

Sylvain Courant, Ing.

Technical and Engineering Director, Maintenance Industries Méca-Fab Inc.